10 Indians With The Most Unfortunate & Funny Names

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Some Indian parents always want their kids to be incredibly different from others, so they try to give the kids unique names. But, it turns out that many of them are not too creative. Mind it, choosing a right baby name is always tough!

One of the worst things about having a funny name is that you can’t change it, and you are going to live with the ‘odd name’ for your whole life. Sometimes, your name is too embarrassing that you don’t even want to introduce it to others, and you feel humiliated everytime when your friends call your ‘name’. ¬†And some of your evil friends will literally mock you. You can’t blame your parents too, they had given unique names because they loved you, and there is always a reason.

Lucky people out there, here are some of the funniest Indian names that will make you say ‘thanks, parents’. Tiger Shroff, yours is very unfortunate too.

1. His father knew it but he didn’t care much about history.

This guy said he never had problems getting a visa, but had been interrogated by immigration staff many times. Adolf Lu Hitler Marak once said he is a different guy because of his name.



2. Imagine that awkward feeling he must be having everytime he remembers his surname.

Funny Indian name


3. Napoleon + Einstein = genius

funny Indian names


4. Some people landed up in controversy for intentionally mispronouncing her name.

One political disadvantage of having a funny name.

funny Indian names


5. No no…not our PM Modi. He is a surgeon.

funny Indian names


6. Anu is a nice name but it doesn’t go well with ‘apostrophe’.

funny Indian names


7. Bihari…what? But, does it matter when you have over 32 years of working experience?

unfortunate indian name


8. So you think your life is too hard?

funniest Indian name


9. And this unique name

funny Indian names


10. And finally, we come to know that our Bollywood star Jackie Shroff isn’t too creative in ‘naming babies’.




funny indian names


One more you don’t want to miss

crazy name

What’s your lucky name? Now, tell us some of the funniest names you have ever heard of. There is a comment section below for you to entertain us.