7 Reasons Why Meme Creators Are a Good Boyfriend Material

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Memes are the cartoons  of the New Age. Every situation can be expressed in a meme. But not everybody can make a meme.

That makes every meme-creator unique. Ever considered dating a meme creator, designer, artist?

If your answer is no, here is why you should. Perhaps you will change your mind by the time you finish this post.

1. Incessant laughter, immortal happiness

When your guy can entertain thousands of people online, keeping you pleased is a cake-walk for him.

What more do you need when you can LMFAO, LOL and ROFL with your boyfriend all the time?

boyfriend material meme

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2. Commendable memory

Are you pissed off that your boyfriend forgot the first time you dropped your handkerchief in front of him or the first time you both coughed at the same time?

No worries, girl. This guy has an extensive memory.

If he can remember a hundred different templates and a million movie moments, there are chances that he might invest some of his mental storage space on your relationship.

boyfriend material meme

Imaan Sheikh


3. Incredible patience

For a guy who takes time to look for a high quality screenshot of a particular scene for a meme frame and thrives for perfection, patience comes naturally.

Which girl would not want a boyfriend who waits for her without complaining (waiting and making memes with his smartphone) until she gets dressed?

boyfriend material meme


4. Autobiographic creations

It was an “awww” moment when J.K.Rowling mentioned a dying fangirl’s name in one of her books (the only real person to be mentioned in Harry Potter series).

It would be equally impressive to see your previous night’s conversation become an inspiration for his meme the next day.

boyfriend material meme


5. Crazy and creative

Being very creative himself, he would never let boredom come anywhere near your relationship.

You always have something to talk about, be it discussing funny memes of other creators or how ignorant some people are in the Comments section.

boyfriend material meme

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6. Life moments meme-d

Isn’t it cool to have memes that mark important moments of your life and love story than to have outdated selfies?

His funny memes will have a story behind them, and those stories will have YOU behind them. How lovely!

mithunda boyfriend material meme


7. Celebrity swag

He might be a normal guy next door in reality, and still be a hero online with his own set of followers.

You can bask in his glory and popularity. But he might have fan girls running behind him and commenting flirty stuff on his Facebook profile.

Be very understanding, girl. Trust him and do not let jealousy take over your happiness.

boyfriend material meme


What are you waiting for? Go grab the meme creators !