10 Drunk Mistakes That Lead To Amazing Shame Stories


Do you recall what was the strangest thing you have done when you were drunk? Was alcohol your best friend or did you make any decisions under its influence that your regret or your friends keep on sharing and laughing at?

Here is a list of the top 10 worst drunk mistakes that happen even to the best of us. We will leave them here just as a reminder… let’s hope this reminder spares us any possible embarrassment in the future.

1. Fall asleep in a public place

2. Get a tattoo

3. Text your ex

4. Let people film you while doing stupid things

5. Befriend strangers

6. Make out with someone you wouldn’t even talk to when sober

7. Talk to a policeman

8. Tell other people’s secrets

9. Act as if you are strong and dangerous

10. Go to work