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12 Surprisingly Deep Thoughts People Get While High As Hell


While drug use is usually associated with dumb remarks and slower thinking, others would argue that is a step forward to illumination and a clearer mind. Truly, an induced chemical experience can change an individual’s perspective, and some comments, during the usage of certain drugs, reveal interpersonal and social reflexions...

19 Indians Who Won The Internet With Their Really Funny & Witty Comments

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Funny comments on photos… funny comments on Facebook & Twitter… Epic picture comments in English by Indians… I am sure there must be at least one person in your group, be it in college or in the workplace whose presence is always a fun-filled because of their funny dialogues and...

hunger games wallpaper

15 New Hunger Games Memes That Will Fill You With Laughter


Are you a true Hunger Games Fan? Then perhaps it is not surprise to your that the Hunger Games memes are again quite trending and popular online. Advice Peeta (of his floating head), Sad Gale, and Advice Katniss memes are perhaps flooding your Facebook feed. Good movies result in a...

10 Fidel Castro Quotes That Completely Changed the World


In this article, we present some of the most emblematic quotes by the former President of Cuba, Fidel Castro. Castro was a revolutionary leader and a global symbol of communism. He led Cuba through the Cold war and remained in history as one of the greatest political titans. His words...

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