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10 Good Morning Images to Brighten Your Husband’s Day


Nothing can brighten your day more than something sent to you by your special one. How often do you return the favor? Forgot to make your husband a breakfast this morning? Broke his favorite computer game by accident? Start your day anew by sending him these beautiful good morning images....

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10 Brutal Roast Me Response Pics That Burned Way Too Much


Reddit’s Roast Me Pics can be one of the most cruelly funny place on the internet. But hey, those people asked for it, right? Well, they probably didn’t ask for this much roasting. If there really is a line between roasting and abusing, these 10 brutal roast me pics are definitely...

10 Shrek Memes That Are Almost Impossible Not To Love


The lovely green ogre has slowly but surely become a favorite of children and parents alike – and as with all movie hits, it’s generated its good share of amazing memes. We’ve picked ten Shrek memes that we’re positive you’re going to love – and that’ll probably make you want...

15 Funny Adult Memes That Will Turn You On


Close the curtains… lower the blinds.. let’s go straight to number one. The following memes are the type of online content that you would rather avoid sharing with your parents, especially if they are more conservative. The type of memes that you do not want to be caught staring at...

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