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10 Gaming Memes So Good You’ll Instantly Relate To


Nearly everybody plays a video game once in a while, from the occasional browser-based minigame to kill the time to neverending single- and multi-player that just suck you in and never let you go (yes RDR 2, I’m talking about you…). If you do your fair share of gaming –...

10 Nihilist Memes That Are Unexpectedly & Unintentionally Encouraging


Don’t know about you, but a good dose of nihilist humor has always seemed encouraging to me. If you’re tired of those boring old motivational pics, why not try some nihilism once in a while? Sure, it’s not exactly the thousand-yard-stare-into-the-abyss philosophical nihilism, but it’s pretty funny and unexpectedly helpful....

20 Terribly Funny Puns That Will Brighten Up Your Day


Smart people love puns and can say one out right off the bat. They’re funny, harmless, and witty and everyone loves them! But how is your pun arsenal? Do you have enough puns ready in case of an emergency? Next time you are with your friends, say in the supermarket, try...

Ten Shrek Memes That Are Almost Impossible Not To Love


The lovely green ogre has slowly but surely become a favorite of children and parents alike – and as with all movie hits, it’s generated its good share of amazing memes. We’ve picked ten Shrek memes that we’re positive you’re going to love – and that’ll probably make you want...

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10 WTF Pictures You Absolutely Won’t Be Able To Unsee


The popular internet saying “Once you see it, you can’t unsee it” applies perfectly to these 10 WTF pictures. If you thought you’ve seen it all, you absolutely haven’t – and these pictures will prove it. Get ready for all sorts of weird, outrageously unexplainable, and sometimes borderline gross pictures...

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