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These 7 Perhaps Memes Are More Than A Cow Kinda Saying Yes


Back in 2017, one of the internet’s quirkiest memes was born: the Perhaps meme. Based on the 2006 animation Barnyard, the meme shows a poker-faced cow teasing a mailman. Fast forward more than a decade, and a creative Redditor thought it would be funny to caption it with “perhaps”. The...

funny bunny pictures

10 Funny Bunny Pictures That Will Make Cat Pics Look Nasty


When most people think of cute internet pictures, they’ve got cats in mind. Not exactly a surprise, considering the many cat pictures and videos you can find all over the internet. If you’re in the mood for something a bit different, why not try some funny bunny pictures? We bet...

mike tyson memes

These 10 Famous Iron Mike Tyson Memes Are Virtually Unbeatable


A former heavyweight champion without more than a few crazy streaks, Mike Tyson’s popularity has grown far beyond the boxing community. This lovable tough guy has come a long way from biting off part of Evander Holyfield’s ear, and he’s produced quite a few words of wisdom with his characteristic...

funny pharmacist memes

These 10 Funny Pharmacist Memes Can Cure The Worst Boredom


Admit it, when you think of amazing jobs pharmacist isn’t exactly the first that comes to mind. Guys – or gals – in white robes that are supposed to help you feel better should all be doctors – and if they’re not, well they just aren’t all that interesting. Stereotypes...

asian father memes

10 Asian Father Memes You’re Not Allowed To Miss


Go to medicine. All As or you’re disowned. The absolute very best or nothing. You know it – the super-perfectionist Asian father stereotype is a favorite of the online world and makes for some delectable memes. Some memes that are so good, even an Asian father would be proud of....

boot memes

10 Funny Boot Memes That Kick Major Ass


What’s not to love about boots? They’re tough, sturdy, dependable, and will take you practically anywhere. They’ll also kick the ass of your foes, if you know how to use them – and they make damn good meme material, too. Check out these ten funny boot memes for some major...

Here Are 13 Of The Most Ridiculous And Hilarious Indian Ads They’re CRAZY.

- - Comments Off on Here Are 13 Of The Most Ridiculous And Hilarious Indian Ads They’re CRAZY.

Check out these offensive, dumb and crazy billboards, posters, and print advertisements from the previous years. It seems these advertising copywriters should have thought twice before they came up with these…   *This article was originally published in 2015 but the ads are still hilarious. 1. When salary of a chowkidar...

funny sister quotes

10 Funny Sister Quotes For Your Cute Annoying & Lovable Sis


Sisters can be amazing – when they’re not unbelievably annoying! You’ve shared amazing moments with your sister (or sisters, if you’re un/luckier than most!), so why not celebrate with a selection of ten funny sister quotes you’ll instantly relate to? These ten quotes describe perfectly the love-hate relationship we have...

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