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10 Beautiful Animal Friendship Images That Will Melt Your Heart


Have you ever seen anything more precious than these beautiful animal friendships? This blog post includes a collection of animal friends that have been photographed. We found these animal friends online and thought they were absolutely must-share on our blog. Some of them are so cute, they make you want...

10 Shrek Memes That Are Almost Impossible Not To Love


The lovely green ogre Shrek has slowly but surely become a favorite of children and parents alike – and as with all movie hits, it’s generated its good share of amazing Shrek memes. We’ve picked ten Shrek memes that we’re positive you’re going to love – and that’ll probably make...

harry potter cards against muggles

7 Harry Potter Cards Against Muggles Combos Hermione Must Really Hate


Cards Against Humanity is a pretty popular NSFW party game. BBasically it’s all about players combining cards to create funny, mildly shocking (ok, sometimes extremely offensive, too) sentences such as “What’s the next Happy Meal toy? A Sperm whale.”, or “What gives me uncontrollable gas? Auschwitz.” And, you guessed it,...

15 Funny Adult Memes That Will Turn You On


Close the curtains… lower the blinds.. let’s go straight to number one. The following memes are the type of online content that you would rather avoid sharing with your parents, especially if they are more conservative. The type of memes that you do not want to be caught staring at...

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