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funny duck hunting memes

10 Funny Duck Hunting Memes That Are Always In Season


Good news for Australian hunters – duck season is just about to start! For pretty much all others, no duck hunting till fall. To celebrate the new duck hunting season opening for our Australian friends, we’ve selected some of the funniest duck hunting memes that will definitely inspire your inner...

wtf pictures

10 WTF Pictures You Absolutely Won’t Be Able To Unsee


The popular internet saying “Once you see it, you can’t unsee it” applies perfectly to these 10 WTF pictures. If you thought you’ve seen it all, you absolutely haven’t – and these pictures will prove it. Get ready for all sorts of weird, outrageously unexplainable, and sometimes borderline gross pictures...

16 Short Sad Comics That Will Give You All The Feels


Who wants to be sad, though? Well, sometimes you just want to see if you still have feelings. It’s the same reason why people watch dramas and romantic movies, even horror films. To feel. If you want that rush of feelings inside of you, I recommend reading through these short...

These 7 Perhaps Memes Are More Than A Cow Kinda Saying Yes


Back in 2017, one of the internet’s quirkiest memes was born: the Perhaps meme. Based on the 2006 animation Barnyard, the meme shows a poker-faced cow teasing a mailman. Fast forward more than a decade, and a creative Redditor thought it would be funny to caption it with “perhaps”. The...

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