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frida kahlo quotes on love and life

11 Beautiful Frida Kahlo Quotes On Life & Love


Any Frida Kahlo’s fans out there ? Which is your favorite quote of hers? Frida is considered one of the most influential women of her time and a pioneer of modern art. Activist, feminist and artist Frida Kahlo inspired a generation of women to think independently. Frida Kahlo refused to...

quotes about young love

10 Quotes About Young Love To Remind You Of Your First Heartbreak


Some say the first love feels the best but hurts the worst – and that’s something you just can’t deny. Generation after generation goes through the exhilaratingly beautiful experience of the first love and the nearly inevitable heartbreaks that come with it; no wonder this life-changing experience has been captured...

15 Funny Tinder Profiles You Will Fall In Love With


These are not your average personal Tinder profiles that you can come across on Tinder. The following 15 profiles are unique, creative, a bit imaginative, a bit crazy… Do they reveal the true personality of the person behind them? Do they present just a mask of girls and boys that...

13 Funny Quotes About Love That Will Make You Go ROFL


Many people find it difficult to express their feelings. Let’s not be too hard on them. Their words just don’t come easy, no matter how hard they try. Let’s have a good laugh instead. And remember that love is there to be celebrated and enjoyed, even if not all of us...

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