10 Irresistible Looks Of Pets Pleading For Food That Are Impossible To Refuse


Pets often use hilarious facial expressions to silently plead for a taste of human meals. Have a look at the pictures of some extremely good beggars that will not remain hungry.

1. When they all love chicken, you can’t avoid sharing.

2. Here is one really desperate look for a tasty treat.

3. This cat has found a surprisingly ingenious way to ask the fridge for a meal.

4. Guess who is in the mood for some pizza

5. Please, give me a full spoon of my favorite dish…

6. Big pair of eyes are asking for some tasty-looking treats

7. Your furry friend is counting every bite you make.

8. Let me just touch and lick the bacon.

9. When your cat claims the pancakes, you can’t say no.

10. And here are two competitors obsessed with their owner’s dinner.