Things To Do at Bordeaux Stadium Paris Olympics 2024 | Top Attractions, Night Life, Restaurants


Key Takeaways

  • Bordeaux Stadium, famous for its breathtaking architecture, will be one of the main venues for the Paris Olympics 2024.
  • With Bordeaux’s excellent public transportation system, including trams and dedicated shuttle services, reaching the stadium is easy.
  • Bordeaux Stadium is a shining example of sustainability, with features such as solar panels and rainwater recycling systems.
  • Visitors can explore nearby attractions like the Cité du Vin and the Place de la Bourse with its enchanting Water Mirror.
  • The area offers a lively nightlife and a wide range of dining options, from historic restaurants to Michelin-starred establishments.

Paris Olympics 2024 & the Bordeaux Stadium

Bordeaux Stadium, also known as Matmut Atlantique, is a modern architectural marvel designed by Herzog & de Meuron, reflecting the vibrant energy of the athletes it will accommodate. The stadium’s bold structure and smooth curves are a symbol of innovation, reflecting Bordeaux’s innovative design mindset and respect for the aesthetics of sport. Visitors can reach Bordeaux Stadium by walking in the park, using the city’s tram system, or by using dedicated shuttle services on special Olympic days.

The stadium is built to last with green features, such as solar panels soaking up the French sun and rainwater collection systems to water the pitch below. These green initiatives minimize the stadium’s environmental impact and establish a benchmark for future sports facilities. Bordeaux Stadium is a must-see during the Paris Olympics 2024, offering a journey from the thunderous applause of spectators to the quiet indulgence in the area’s best wines.

Things To Do at Bordeaux Stadium Paris Olympics 2024 | Top Attractions, Night Life, Restaurants
Stade de Bordeaux Bordeaux

Top Attractions Near Bordeaux Stadium

Here’s a list of top tourist attractions near the Bordeaux Stadium.

La Cité du Vin (The City of Wine)

This isn’t just a museum; it’s an interactive experience delving into the world of wine. Learn about winemaking throughout history, explore different cultures’ relationship with wine, and even take a virtual journey through vineyards. Top it off with stunning city views from the lookout point!

Things To Do at Bordeaux Stadium Paris Olympics 2024 | Top Attractions, Night Life, Restaurants
Bordeaux’s Cité du Vin

Pey Berland Tower

Climb the tower of Pey Berland Cathedral for panoramic vistas of Bordeaux and the surrounding landscape. After conquering the climb, admire the Gothic architecture of the cathedral itself.

Things To Do at Bordeaux Stadium Paris Olympics 2024 | Top Attractions, Night Life, Restaurants
Visit the Pey Berland Tower in Bordeaux .

Grosse Cloche (Great Bell)

Steeped in history, the Grosse Cloche is one of Bordeaux’s oldest landmarks. This bell tower offers a peek into the city’s medieval past. Imagine the stories these bells could tell!

Jardin Public (Public Garden)

Escape the city buzz and find serenity in the Jardin Public. Lush green lawns, vibrant flower beds, and calming greenhouses create a peaceful oasis. It’s the perfect spot to relax, unwind, and maybe even have a picnic.

Night Life Near Bordeaux Stadium

As the sun dips down, the vicinity of Bordeaux Stadium morphs into a hotspot for those who enjoy the nightlife. Whether you’re in the mood to dance until dawn or you prefer a peaceful drink beneath the night, Bordeaux’s nightlife scene caters to all tastes.

La Victoire and Saint Pierre

La Victoire and Saint Pierre are two of Bordeaux’s most energetic districts. These areas are packed with a range of bars and clubs that cater to every preference. La Victoire, known for its student-friendly atmosphere, offers cheap drinks and a laid-back ambiance, while Saint Pierre is famed for its stylish venues and fashionable patrons.

Rooftop Bars

If you’re in the mood for a chill night out, check out Bordeaux’s rooftop bars. These elevated spots offer breathtaking views of the city, perfect for enjoying a glass of local wine or a handcrafted cocktail. Bordeaux’s rooftop scene offers a great respite from the busy streets below.

  • Le Vertigo: This is a place with a stylish setting and panoramic views.
  • Mama Shelter: This is a place known for its creative drinks menu and vibrant ambiance.
  • Intercontinental Bordeaux – Le Grand Hotel: This is a luxurious place for those looking to splurge.
Things To Do at Bordeaux Stadium Paris Olympics 2024 | Top Attractions, Night Life, Restaurants
“Mama Shelter, Paris”

Live Music Venues

The area around Bordeaux Stadium is dotted with live music venues. These venues showcase both well-known international acts and up-and-coming local talent. From rock venues to jazz clubs, the city’s music scene is vibrant and diverse.

Rock School Barbey and Le Bootleg are two popular venues to experience the local music scene. You never know, you might discover your new favorite band.

Restaurants Near Bordeaux Stadium

Bordeaux is a food lover’s paradise, and the stadium’s surrounding area is no different. Whether you’re after a traditional French bistro or modern fine dining, there’s something for everyone here. For more insights on where to dine during the Paris Olympics 2024, check out our top picks!

Le Chapon Fin

Le Chapon Fin has been a cornerstone of Bordeaux’s culinary scene since the 19th century. This restaurant is housed in a historic building and serves dishes that are a blend of traditional and innovative, providing comfort and surprise in every bite.

Things To Do at Bordeaux Stadium Paris Olympics 2024 | Top Attractions, Night Life, Restaurants
“Le Chapon Fin à Bordeaux”

La Tupina

If you’re looking for a real taste of Southwest France, La Tupina is the place to be. This delightful bistro, complete with rustic furnishings and a wood-burning oven, offers robust meals that are a true reflection of the area’s food culture.

Le Pressoir d’Argent by Gordon Ramsay

Le Pressoir d’Argent by Gordon Ramsay is a Michelin-starred restaurant that will leave you wanting more. Situated within the opulent Intercontinental Bordeaux – Le Grand Hotel, this restaurant is the embodiment of high-end dining.

Things To Do at Bordeaux Stadium Paris Olympics 2024 | Top Attractions, Night Life, Restaurants
“Le Pressoir d’Argent Gordon Ramsay”

Create Unforgettable Memories at Bordeaux Stadium

The Paris Olympics 2024 will be spread across multiple venues throughout the city, each offering a unique experience. Bordeaux Stadium is just one of these exciting locations. Visitors to the stadium will be treated to world-class sporting action alongside the architectural marvel that is the stadium itself. However, Bordeaux Stadium is more than just a venue for the games. The surrounding area is packed with cultural gems like La Cité du Vin and the Place de la Bourse, ensuring an unforgettable visit for even the most casual sports fan. Whether you want to delve into the world of wine, explore historic landmarks, or simply relax in the Jardin Public, Bordeaux has something for everyone. And with a wide range of restaurants and nightlife options, you can wine and dine or dance the night away after a day of cheering on your favorite athletes. So, if you’re looking to experience the best of French culture alongside the excitement of the Paris Olympics 2024, be sure to consider incorporating Bordeaux Stadium into your itinerary, and don’t forget to explore the other incredible venues like Vaires-sur-Marne Nautical Stadium, Pierre Mauroy Stadium, Aquatics Centre Paris, Champ de Mars Arena and Parc des Princes!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What events are scheduled at Bordeaux Stadium for the Paris Olympics 2024?

Some of the most anticipated football matches of the Paris Olympics 2024 will be held at Bordeaux Stadium. Just imagine the excitement of supporting your team as they battle it out for the gold on the legendary green field of this iconic stadium!

Is it possible to visit Bordeaux Stadium without Olympic event tickets?

Definitely! Bordeaux Stadium is not exclusively for those with tickets. You can take a tour of the stadium to appreciate its architectural beauty and the lively spirit of the games, even if you don’t have a ticket for an event.

What are some other must-see attractions in Bordeaux?

Bordeaux is full of must-see sights. Be sure to check out the breathtaking Place de la Bourse and its Water Mirror, the peaceful Jardin Public, and the impressive Cité du Vin. Each place gives you a different taste of Bordeaux’s rich history and lively culture.

Place de la Bourse and Water Mirror: A reflection of the city’s elegance.
Jardin Public: A tranquil haven in the heart of the city.
Cité du Vin: An exploration into the universe of wine.

Also, remember the beaches of Arcachon Bay and the grand Dune du Pilat, just a quick journey from the city center. They are the ideal locations for a day trip to relax after the thrill of the games.

What are some safety tips for enjoying Bordeaux’s nightlife?

Enjoying Bordeaux’s nightlife is a must-do, but always remember to prioritize your safety. Stick to streets that are well-lit and crowded, watch your belongings, and always travel with a group or a partner. And if you’ve had a little too much of Bordeaux’s famous wine, it’s best to take a cab or a rideshare to get back safely.

What are the must-try dishes in Bordeaux?

For foodies, Bordeaux is a dream come true. You absolutely must sample the canelés, which are sweet pastries with a caramelized exterior and a soft, custard-like interior. If you prefer savory dishes, you can’t go wrong with entrecôte à la Bordelaise, a mouthwatering steak prepared with red wine sauce. And if you want to dine like a local, be sure to try the oysters from the Bay of Arcachon, widely regarded as some of the finest in the world.