Things To Do at Bercy Arena Paris Olympics 2024 | Top Attractions, Night Life, Restaurants


Key Takeaways

  • Bercy Arena is hosting main events during the Paris 2024 Olympics, such as basketball, artistic gymnastics, and trampoline.
  • You can get to Bercy Arena by taking metro lines 6 or 14 to Bercy station or lines 1, A, and D to Paris Gare de Lyon.
  • Don’t forget to visit nearby attractions like Parc de Bercy, Musée des Arts Forains, and the French National Library.
  • If you’re looking for Parisian nightlife, try Phantom Paris and POPB Bercy Village.
  • Some of the best restaurants near Bercy Arena are Le Train Bleu, Les Embruns, and La Gare.

Paris Olympics 2024 at Bercy Arena & the Games

Paris is abuzz for the Olympics 2024 and Bercy Arena, known for a myriad of entertainment activities including hosting the Olympics will be a hub for major sports enthusiasts and adventurers. This famous arena will host basketball, gymnastics, and trampoline, so get ready for slam dunks, gravity-defying flips, and amazing athletes showing off their skills.

Top Attractions Near Bercy Arena

But the Olympics is not just about the games. The area around Bercy Arena is filled with Parisian treasures waiting to be discovered. Let’s leave the arena and explore the magical neighborhood that is an integral part of Paris history.

Whether you want a quiet, green place to unwind, a taste of the unique culture of Paris, or an architectural wonder, the Bercy Arena area has it all. Number one on the list for its family-friendly nature is:

Parc de Bercy

Parc de Bercy, Paris - Things To Do at Bercy Arena Paris Olympics 2024 | Top Attractions, Night Life, Restaurants
Parc de Bercy, Paris

Located just beside the arena, Parc de Bercy offers a serene break from the Olympic excitement. The landscape flourishes with beautifully kept gardens that are perfect for picnicking or taking a relaxing walk. Children will enjoy the playgrounds, and you might even witness some local performances.

Night Life Near Bercy Arena

When the Olympic games are done for the day and the sun goes down, the area around Bercy Arena lights up with a lively atmosphere. Paris is famous for its evening activities, and the Bercy Arena vicinity is no different. Here are more places you definitely need to visit:

Phantom Paris: The Ultimate Dance Party

Just a short walk from Bercy Arena, Phantom Paris invites you in with its thumping bass and mesmerizing lights. Renowned for its vibrant energy, it’s the ideal spot to dance until dawn. Whether you’re into EDM or pop, Phantom Paris has a beat for you.

Experience Live Music at POPB Bercy Village

If you are a fan of live music, then POPB Bercy Village is the place for you. It offers a wide range of music genres, from jazz to indie rock, and features both emerging talents and established artists. The cozy atmosphere promises a night of enjoyable music and positive energy.

Bercy Village - Things To Do at Bercy Arena Paris Olympics 2024 | Top Attractions, Night Life, Restaurants
Bercy village

After a thrilling concert or a night out dancing, there’s nothing like relaxing with a sweeping view of Paris. That’s where TacTac Skybar comes into play.

Grab a Drink at TacTac Skybar

Just a short walk from Bercy Arena, TacTac Skybar is a rooftop bar that serves craft beers and cocktails. But it’s not just the drinks that draw people in. The bar also offers a stunning view of the Paris skyline, making it a great place to unwind after a day of sightseeing.

Le Too - Things To Do at Bercy Arena Paris Olympics 2024 | Top Attractions, Night Life, Restaurants
Le Too Hôtel Paris

TacTac Skybar, with its stylish interior and laid-back vibe, is a hit with both locals and tourists. It’s a place where you can socialize, meet new people, and raise a glass to the spirit of the Olympics.

Top Restaurants Near Bercy Arena

Paris is a city known for its culinary delights. Around Bercy Arena, there is a wide variety of restaurants to satisfy all tastes and preferences. Here are my top choices for restaurants that will make your visit as unforgettable as the games:

Indulge in Gourmet Cuisine at Le Train Bleu

Step into a world of old-world glamour and sophistication at Le Train Bleu. This luxurious restaurant, nestled in the Gare de Lyon, is only a stone’s throw away from Bercy Arena. Known for its traditional French fare and its stunning Belle Époque décor, Le Train Bleu is a must-visit.

Le Train Bleu - Things To Do at Bercy Arena Paris Olympics 2024 | Top Attractions, Night Life, Restaurants
Le Train Bleu

Le Train Bleu is a luxury restaurant that serves dishes made from the best ingredients and prepared by skilled chefs. The prices are high, but the experience is worth every penny. For more upscale dining experiences during the Paris Olympics 2024, consider exploring the local culinary scene.

Contemporary Dining at Les Embruns

For those craving a more modern take on French cuisine, Les Embruns is a must-visit. Here, the chefs are true culinary artists, using seasonal ingredients to craft dishes that are as visually stunning as they are tasty. The simple, understated decor lets the food shine, while the attentive staff guarantees an enjoyable dining experience.

Les Embruns - Things To Do at Bercy Arena Paris Olympics 2024 | Top Attractions, Night Life, Restaurants

Les Embruns Camping

For food lovers in search of new and exciting tastes, Les Embruns is a must-visit restaurant that showcases the dynamic and evolving culinary scene in Paris.

Classic French Cuisine at La Gare

If you’re in the mood for classic French cuisine, make your way to La Gare. This delightful eatery used to be a train station and has kept a lot of its original charm. The menu is full of traditional dishes that have proven to be timeless, all made with the kind of skill that can only come from a deep appreciation for French culinary traditions.

After a day of Olympic thrills, La Gare’s inviting atmosphere makes it the ideal place for a laid-back dinner.

Immerse Yourself in the 2024 Paris Olympics

The 2024 Paris Olympics promise to be a spectacle like no other, with Bercy Arena at the heart of the action. Whether you’re rooting for your preferred sports stars, absorbing the local culture, or treating yourself to Parisian cuisine, there’s an adventure around every corner.

Don’t forget, the secret to having the best time here is to prepare in advance. Secure your event passes, reserve your restaurant tables, and above all, stay open-minded. The Olympics are a tribute to human accomplishment and unity, and there’s no better location to feel that energy than in the City of Lights.

So, dust off your passport, start packing, and prepare for a trip of a lifetime at the Bercy Arena Paris Olympics 2024!

The 2024 Paris Olympics promises to be an experience unlike any other, with Bercy Arena as a focal point. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite athletes, immersing yourself in the culture, or indulging in the delights of Paris, there’s an adventure waiting for you at every corner.

Getting Caught Up in the Olympic Spirit

Don’t forget, the secret to a successful trip is to be organized. Get your event tickets in advance, book tables at restaurants, and above all, be open to new experiences. The Olympics is a celebration of what people can achieve and of coming together, and where better to feel that than in the City of Lights.

So prepare yourself, fill your suitcase, and experience an unforgettable adventure at the Bercy Arena Paris Olympics 2024!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which events will take place at Bercy Arena Paris during the 2024 Paris Olympics?

Many events are scheduled to take place at Bercy Arena, a famous Parisian venue, during the 2024 Paris Olympics. The events that the arena will host include:

-Basketball, where teams will showcase their skills and compete for the gold.
-Artistic Gymnastics, where athletes will display their strength and grace in the pursuit of victory.
-Trampoline, where competitors will reach new heights with their gravity-defying acrobatics.

These events promise to be among the most thrilling of the Games, with a mix of adrenaline, artistry, and incredible athletic prowess.

How can you get to Bercy Arena Paris?

Getting to Bercy Arena is a breeze, thanks to the fantastic public transport system in Paris. Here are the best ways to get there:

-Use Metro lines 6 or 14 and alight at Bercy station.
-If you are coming from a distance, the RER lines A and D will bring you to Paris Gare de Lyon, which is also near the arena.
-Paris is famous for being walkable, so if you are close, why not take a picturesque walk along the Seine to the arena?

During the Olympic Games, public transport will be more crowded than usual, so plan to leave early and allow yourself plenty of time to get there.

What are some must-see attractions around Bercy Arena Paris?

There are several attractions around Bercy Arena that you won’t want to miss:

-Parc de Bercy: This stunning park is the perfect place to unwind and escape the Olympic hype.
-Musée des Arts Forains: This unusual museum is packed with fairground art and artifacts.
-The French National Library (Bibliothèque nationale de France): This architectural wonder is a paradise for bibliophiles.

Visiting these attractions will provide a more complete experience of Paris’s rich cultural offerings.

Where can I find the best nightlife near Bercy Arena Paris?

The nightlife in Paris is as varied as it is vibrant, and the Bercy Arena neighborhood is home to some of the best places in town:

-Phantom Paris: This club is the perfect place to dance all night to the newest music.
-POPB Bercy Village: This location offers a variety of live music performances in a lively environment.
-TacTac Skybar: Enjoy a cocktail while taking in the panoramic views of the Paris skyline.

These venues are guaranteed to provide memorable nights out during your time at the Paris Olympics 2024.