20 Hilarious Birds With Arms – Almost Died Laughing


In the history of all the weird things that can be found on the Internet perhaps the oddest and funniest is this: birds with arms photoshopped into them. Sometimes they look scary, often hilarious, and they will make you wonder what kind of mouth-breathing people do this for fun???

1. Just when you thought life can’t get any weirder

2. The internet suddenly brings you birds with arms

3. That’s a fine looking turkey tbh

4. These pelicans sure know how to fight


6. Are you not entertained?

7. I can show you the world

8. Fight be, bruh!

9. They are taking our jobs!

10. Russel Crow heh

11. You, let me in!

12. The gang is here, it’s gonna be lit

13. That’s an interesting book

14. Hands in the air!

15. Look at these guns

16. And now we add pepper

17. Winter is coming

18. Chicken or egg??

19. Officer I did not do no nothing

20. I’m gonna smash your head son