13 Strange Statues Of Celebrities That Immortalize In A Funny Way Their Legacy


Here’s a mini list of some quite unique statues of famous people from around the world… Some seem very realistic but others are downright horrifying and creepy.

Look through the list to see which ones look like the star and which ones are simply a strange memorial to the celebrity.

1. Michael Jackson

Source: Wikipedia, BBC News

2. Albert Einstein

Source: The Telegraph

3. Ray Charles

Source: Wikipedia, Rolling Stones

4. Thierry Henry

Source: Wikipedia, Soccerbase

5. Nikola Tesla

Source: Wikipedia, Tesla University

6. Marilyn Monroe

Source: Spoto, Donald, Pixabay

7. Cristiano Ronaldo

Source: Twitter – alexqueiros

8. Yoda

Source: Flickr, dougsawyer

9. Charles La Trobe

Source: Wikipedia, La Trobe University

10. Andy Murray

Source: The Telegraph

11. Alice in Wonderland

Source: Wikipedia, Central Park Conservancy

12. Bruce Lee

Source: Wikipedia, Los Angeles Times

13. Freddie Mercury

Source: The Telegraph


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