20 Beautiful Moments Captured At The Right Time


Thank goodness for cameras, with them we can capture precious moments that probably will never happen again. These rare instances where events are captured at the perfect moment, forever to stay for everyone to see. Like these 20 beautiful photographs.

1. This goose who flew in parallel to an airplane

2. It’s a hard feat to accomplish, really beautiful heart!

3. Super moon on a sattelite dish

4. The exact moment a buble bursts

5. A rare photo of an airplane between an eclipse

6. This cute little photobomber

7. Can you see the face?

8. Eagle flying with its mates 😉

9. Even cats make heart shapes too

10. Here we see Obama trying to eat the sun

11. Just before the wave crashes down

12. The point of no return

13. Before taking flight

14. Getting covered by the shore

15. 0.02 seconds before eating

16. The shark had to kiss too of course

17. Majestic deers walking in file

18. Overwhelmed with joy because of his friend here

19. Making clouds using a trumpet

20. Dog with wings on the beach…if dogs could fly they would be literally angels!