Admit It! Girls Can’t Live Without Shopping, And Here Are The Reasons Why

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We are said to be born different and indeed we are. Let’s admit girls, we are a big time shopaholic. For us, it should be shopping, and a lot of shopping. I wonder how the malls and shopping complexes would be without us. Forever 21 would be deserted. Lakme, Maybelline all would be useless. We literally can spend half of our savings on shopping.

Here are a few reasons why we love shopping….so much!

1. Girls anyway are born to be princess. Aren’t we?

We love to look beautiful and want to wear new clothes every time.



2. It is a therapy. When we are low and sad for whatever reason, we think of shopping.

This may sound weird or funny, but it is true. Shopping is actually a therapy for us.  It can cure all our boredoms. Guys, you better know this secret.



3. And when we are happy too, it’s definitely “shopping”

Being so happy seems to be costly in case of girls. We go straight away to malls and double our happiness by buying ourself a set of cosmetics.



4. Girl’s biggest problem: “We don’t have anything  to wear”

A few days ago, we just bought our favourite clothes, but still we don’t have anything to wear LOL…



5. So, you think girls don’t like competing? It’s competition everywhere…

She has been planning to wear a high heel sandal for long and before she can own one, has seen a friend or a colleague wearing her favourite sandal. Oh, how disappointing. How could she stay without buying a new pair immediately? A neighbor had bought a new Apple Iphone. Oh, even I was planning to replace my old Samsung smartphone.



6. Festival = Shopping. Because it is a festive season

Why would we let go this opportunity? Right? We will love to get gifts from every possible people like parents, brothers, or boyfriends.



7. Biggest news! And here comes season SALE

SALE is the biggest news for every girl. Who cares if it is the month end? We will be off for the malls and pick up two baskets to fill in. We will never be late because we want to get the best stuff before it gets too crowded.



8. Compliments: How is my new top? Awesome!!

Getting compliments is yet another factor leading to more shopping. My friends loved the new kurta. Why don’t I get another one?



9. Two marriages coming up and they do not want to repeat the dress.

Oh, a picture with the same outfit has been posted on Facebook. How can I repeat? So, we need to buy different dresses for different parties. And to get a lot of ‘facebook likes’.