25 Redditors Asked To Be Roasted And Got More Than They Wanted


Only the strongest of men and women dare try to ask Reddit to be roasted. Very few of them survive the ordeal, most hide from the face of the planet never to be seen again. Why? Because it’s a very harsh thing to subject one’s self into, but to many it is fun. But if you are thin-skinned, stay away!

This post is definitely NSFW, heavy with cursing and NSFW language. If you are easily offended, turn back now. Because this post is about offending people (but hey, they asked for it!).

If you want to be roasted and lose what confidence you have left, submit your photo on /r/roastme.

1. Getting actually hit by stones is a far more merciful thing compared to this comment.

2. If you have thin skin never ever ask Reddit to roast you.

3. Because, oh boy, they will always come up with the most racist and vile stuff.

4. And your weight is no exception.

5. But hey, people do it for fun because some people laugh at themselves too!

6. Not even the kids are safe from Roasters with PhD in Roasting.

7. The simplest comments are often the funniest and more…roast-worthy.

8. Heh, they just called him nerd.

9. Ouch, that must have hurt a lot.

10. Even a pregnant woman was not spared.

11. Star Wars references are also flung around, and of course you’d expect Jabba the Hutt.

12. Seriously, though, where’s her upper lip?

13. On Reddit, it’s okay to make fun of girls’ front.

14. Someone who looks perfect was slayed.

15. As you can see, Zika virus is a common theme.

16. If you want to learn, learn from the best of Roasters.

17. They really don’t hold back, it’s painful!

18. That’s actually impressive. lol

19. 1/2 Chihuahua HA HA HA

20. That’s actually a good question.

21. “You look like a bearded lady that just shaved.”


23. He may not be delicious, but I bet he has a pleasing personality.

24. “Can’t tell if you are a future feminist or neck beard but eitherway you will be a disappointment to your parents.”

25. “You Thai dudes are really good at hiding your d*cks”