12 Reasons Why Your Best Friends Are Truly Your Soulmates


Life is just incomplete without your besties. These are the people whom you came across fortunately,  had known for a while, then gradually developed a mutual admiration for, and finally built a trust with. They are the comfort zone in your life’s roller coaster and they never fail to be there in your joyous moments to the most awful situation. If you have one such BFF, you have an amazing life. Here are reasons why they will always stay the best:

1. They are just a call away for you to vent your frustrations.



2. They are upfront and throw straight to your face. Besties will always give a truthful opinion about your looks, be it your weight. They will be honest if you pick up the ugliest looking dress.



3. Their shoulders are the place to cry on when you break up with your partner.



4. You will flog it to death but they still be so calm. They are the most patient listener of your repeated stories. They still pay heed even if they know what is next.



5. They are the best gossip partner and can have never ending bitching session of your common enemies.



6. They help you laugh even in your saddest moments and alleviate you in your toughest time.



7. Your secrets will remain secret with them.




8. You and your bestie together is a total madness. You don’t mind talking about poop. Yukk!



9. They judge your partner because they know you better than your other friends do.



10.  Yes, you and your bestie can land into arguments and fights on trifling matters. But that will only wrench your heart. At the end, you unite and that feeling – oh all that time wasted on stupid hatred.



11. Despite all those stressful activities, they make time and effort to see you.



12. At last, years passed doesn’t really matter. The same inside jokes remain as fresh as ever and they don’t cease to make you laugh your heart out until your stomach hurts.