Need Instant Motivation? Read This


This year has been hard for everyone and many times it’s just so hard to look forward and hope. But you know what? All of the successful people you see now have been to the deepest sections of hell and they succeeded anyway because they did not give up.

If it’s instant motivation you need, I highly recommend that you read this. Share this to your friends who need extra motivation in life too in order to show that you care!

1. No matter how small the first step it’s still progress

2. Plant seeds for the future

3. People who never stumbled don’t have good reflexes and motor function 🙂

4. Keep on sailing

5. Stand tall, stand proud

6. Like rising from the fire

7. If he can do it, why can’t you?

8. Keep on striving, keep on surviving!

9. Farmer father farmed all day everyday to support his son who finally graduated from Uni

10. If you just sit and wait nothing will happen

11. Do your future self a favor

12. Pretend to be the master, be the master

13. Read this. This is important.

14. Remember this

15. Even magikarp can be a strong gyarados. You can do it

16. Just keep on rowing, never stop until you find what you are looking for

17. You are awesome and believe in it

18. Follow your heart

19. We grow by experiencing discomfort

20. Remove the toxic people in your life