If You’re A 90s Indian Kid, Then These 24 Items Will Make You Cry With Nostalgia

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If you grew up in late 80s or 90s, you are much fortunate than today’s kids of idiotic generation. Ask me why? Because you enjoyed your real childhood before smart phones, tablets, facebook, selfies, and other technologies took over it and completely ruined it.

Here are some 90s stuff  we all definitely had when we were kids. And if you still remember any of these, trust me, you had an awesome childhood.

1. Big Fun and Big Babol, your favourite chewing gums. Remember, how you used to compete with your friends to blow the largest bubble with bubble gum.

bigbabol 90s childhood memories india

Big Babol via Quora.com


2. You could get many of these candies with just Rs 2. And Parle G was the only brand we knew that time, be it biscuit or toffee.

kismi 90s childhood memories india

Credit: PARLE


3. Every morning before you went to school you made sure your HERO fountain pen is filled with this ink.

oldink 90s childhood memories india

Credit: Clelpark Company


4. Chewing this helped you concentrate in class? LOL

90s childhood memories india


5. This NATRAJ geometrical box was one of your treasures during school days.

90s childhood memories india

6. Remember this?

geometry 90s childhood memories india

7. You listened to those 90s memorable songs only on this.

Sony Walkman



8. And you loved to collect as many of these audio cassettes.

90s childhood memories india


9. During monsoons, you made many of these paper boats and enjoyed racing among your friends.

[caption id="attachment_6045" align="alignnone" width="630"]water boat Credit: hindustantimes


10. And once you had this toy gun, you started behaving like a boss.

90s childhood memories india


11. Is there anyone who didnt like playing brick games? Your Sundays and holidays were never complete without this.

90s childhood memories india



12. Everyone of us owned these white Bata shoes. The more the shoes were white, the more we were happy. Sometimes, we used ‘chalk’ to paint it and make it more whiter.

If you notice, these white shoes are a fashion now a days. Things remain the same, but the way we use it is different.

90s childhood memories india

Surbhi via manikarthik


13. And you were pretty excited to wear a pair of this new  black shoes when your school reopened after vacation.


14. And these disco-dancing shoes…

bulb shoe 90s childhood memories india


15. This was the sole beverage we knew! Mango frooti, fresh and juicy…



16. When there was load shedding, lantern helped you on your tough days during exams.


17. Sketch pens, Camel water colours….all these made us artistic. We all considered ourselves a great painter. 🙂



18. Collecting cards of our favourite WWF characters was our real hobby.

90s childhood memories india


19. You survived the hot summer days in school with this MILTON  water bottle. Your parents always assured you carry this. How sweet!

Milton bottles

MILTON via Homeshop18


20. Now, you can’t find this “switch box” anymore in your house.

switch box


21. Today’s e-mails and mobile phone calls can’t beat that excitement you felt while receiving letters. And yes, that’s TV antenna on the right.  It helped us watch our favourite classic DD serials and other shows.



22. GI JOE:  If you owned at least three of them, you were lucky. Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow were my favorite. 🙂 What was yours?


23. During exams, this wood clipboard was your weapon. You wrote down those difficult Maths and Science formulas here and it helped you hide notes. Cheaters. 🙂


24. And if you didn’t get chance to play any of these two, your childhood was boring.



And kids these days…