20 Videos That Will Make You Ask “What Could Go Wrong?”


Humans are marvelous creatures, we do stupid things all the time. It’s a good thing we have videos to prove these near death experiences LOL.

1. Jumping over fire for fun, what could go wrong?

2. Making your jeep jump over a wooden ramp?

3. Jumping over stacks of table surely is safe, right?

4. Getting hit by a car stunt? That’s totally safe.

5. Jumping over the ledge with your feet straightened?

6. Kissing a snake is also 100% safe apparently.

7. Using a lighter to check the gas tank? Genius.

8. Dog playing with the mirror will traumatize it.

9. Rolling a large object by hand, who’s gonna stop it?

10. Running to the bus stop, what could go wrong?

11. Selfie with a snake? Definitely safe.

12. They didn’t think this through.

13. Slapping contest, what could go wrong?

14. When you have small feet and you are putting a baby to sleep…

15. Slide down the stairs using a mattress, how safe is this?

16. This perfectly aligned slide.

17. Blindly throwing an axe on live TV?

18. Bringing down a car with just you and a rope? That’s gonna cost you a lot.

19. Van surfing on a busy highway?

20. This won’t end well especially since it’s beside the pool.