11 Things You Should Definitely Do Before You Die. #9 Is A Must-Do.


Have you ever thought of things that you want to do before you hit the bucket? Ever stopped to wonder how many things there are to be done? In fact, we should do something new every day. Of course, we all have a million life goals but I am sure there are a couple of them which you think would justify; “You only have one life, so choose to live, not just exist.”

Here, I bring you eleven things one must include in their bucket list!

1. Sky diving and fly boarding

Sky diving is one exhilarating action sport everyone must do at least once in their life. Fly boarding , a new addition to water sports, will allow you to ‘surf the sky’. The adrenaline rush , the excitement, the moment which will be etched in your mind for your whole life, make both these activities worthwhile and a must.



2. Go bald

Feel the breeze on your hairless head once in your life. In fact, besides being bald, get the most wacky and unusual hairstyles done. Try as many new and different looks as you can.



3. Read a lot of books, especially ‘the top 100 greatest books of all time’.

Each one of us should have a ‘Life’s Library’ and read as much as we can.┬áRead books by different authors, of different genres, explore and grasp different perspectives and insights.



4. Travel, explore and roam

Buy an old bus, replace seats with beds and road trip with your best friends; ride a bike on the highest motorable road; take a trip alone; explore something new everyday. Throw a dart on the map and travel to wherever it lands, be spontaneous and make the most of this life.



5. Attend music festivals

Tomorrowland, Sensation, Coachella and so many other musical festivals that I want to attend are on top of my bucket list. Festivals of madness, it’s a whole new experience altogether.



6. Gate crash a wedding

Go a little crazy and crash someone’s wedding. Start dancing randomly at someone’s ‘baraat’ and act like you are their long distance relative. You need a little bit of insanity to do fun things. Right?



7. Conduct or be a part of a flashmob

There is nothing more exciting than to dance randomly in the middle of a commotion and if you are lucky enough, people will join in. Don’t think, just lose yourself to dance.



8. Grow old with someone you love

Spending your life and growing old with someone you resonate with is a bliss. And if that someone is your best friend , you couldn’t have been luckier.



9. Buy your dream home

A beach house, a house in the hills; we all have a dream home. Start saving, buy your ultimate home and live a luxurious life. Life is too short so live your dreams.


10. Learn to play an instrument

Nothing is more soothing than music. Imagine how great it would be to learn to play an instrument. Just do it. You don’t have to be a master at it but I am sure you would be glad you did.



11. And most importantly, do something for a good cause. Help people in need.

Join an NGO, do some charity work. You don’t need to be a millionaire.