This Kid’s Unexpected Answer To “Why Do You Admire Your Mother” Is Awesome!


In a school test paper, a Delhi kid was asked “Why do you admire your mother?” and the answer he gave is truly amazing. His beautiful and thoughtful answer has put us into shame. Hats off to his mother who had taught her kid to be a good human being by changing his view towards LGBT. Good upbringing!

Our beloved politicians and other Anti-LGBT groups, please take out a minute to read this. Hope it helps. If this small kid can change his view, why can’t you?

This is what and how he answered:

“I admire my mother as she has made me think differently about LGBT activists and workers. First, I used derogatory terms for these people and sometimes, teased my friends by calling them ‘gay’. When my mother explained that the sexuality and the feelings of a person is completely up to them, and that they are excluded from society, my views changed. I now believe that LGBT workers must earn their rights, and they cannot be discriminated for their status as they are also human beings.”

kidtestpaper[H/T TheGaysiFamily]