20 Sickest Burns From Witty People That Will Make Your Day


Being literally burned is painful, but being figuratively burned by witty people is far more painful to the point where you’ll want to just shrink and disappear from the face of the planet. Whew, that was a mouthful, but you understand what I mean, right?

The lesson that everyone should pick from these sick and mad burns is to never just post anything on the Internet without thinking, otherwise someone will call you out and burn you to the ground!

1. Layth said it with a smackdown!

2. I, too, would like Picnic Table tattooed on my body.

3. Glana with a mad zinger!

4. Putting Chela where she belongs.

5. And he should be kicked out of Facebook for good measure.

6. It’s because he shouldn’t procreate.

7. Some sick burn to the vegetables!

8. Someone please pray for this person’s soul.

9. Translation of post: I am very smart, please date me.

10. Be careful of who you bully!

11. Don’t call people ugly or they will find you to be the ugliest!

12. Josh is wrong to ruin the fun but Josh is also funny.

13. This is one example where nobody wins.

14. OMG David you can’t just tell people that.

15. Winston Churchill is the best at the sickest maddest burns in all of history.

16. Yeah, why do couples have to sit side by side? Sitting in front of each other is much more comfortable!

17. If you are insecure about everything, better not browse Facebook or else you will just get burned.

18. Another example of why you shouldn’t call anyone ugly!

19. Karma, yeah!!!

20. The school should give this woman a medal instead of suspending her!