14 Sloth Memes That Will Quickly Make Your Day More Exciting


Sloths are weird. And the sloth memes are sometimes even weirder

It seems like they become extremely popular right after the release of the Zootopia movie, in which the slow, even phlegmatic sloths take a special role. They are bank officers. Can you believe it?

They also share funny jokes in the movie.

Because they are associated special type of humor, they have become the main object of a series of super hilarious images.

Prepare to cry laughing with these sloth memes.

1. The real me is very gangsta.

2. That’s the sloth punctuality.

3. Nothing will tear those two apart.

4. The right state of mind

5. I am damn sure as well.

6. Truth or dare?

7. I am out of here, buddies.

8. Somebody stop me?

9. The king of the party

10. Warning, stupidity leads to … death end.

11. And then the Slot motivation leads to graduation.

12. Ooooh, how sweet of you.

13. Too much swag … ops.

14. Check out these moves.


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