If There Are Super Villains This Is Where They Will Live


If super villains were among us they would not live in caves, hide in the mountains, nor pretend to be normal people. Of course not. They’re strong, rich, and evil and want to bring menace to everyone. If super villains were real, they would live in these evil looking buildings.

1. An evil billionaire would live here

2. Here lives a grandmaster of Kung Fu who has fallen to the dark side

3. And this is where rich immortal vampires would live

4. Sauron upgraded to modern architecture

5. Alien overlords in their weird floaty home

6. I imagine a worm supervillain living inside

7. Maybe another vampire lives here?

8. I bet this building transforms into a robot

9. No matter what you do, do not go inside

10. When you see this building, run!

11. Knock knock, who’s there?

12. Headquarters of the best supervillain

13. This is where nasty plans are cooked up against our superheroes

14. It looks like it could shoot laser form its head

15. Another lair for vampires

16. And this one is for the lizard people

17. Have you seen the movie Thirteen Ghosts?


19. Totally not evil at all

20. Nice try, supervillain