14 Rihanna Memes That Will Make Your Day Bright Like A Diamond


“Life is too short to be seating around miserable” – said Rihanna once. Here at DailyMoss we are all about making people happy, that’s why here are some cool Rihanna memes  for you to enjoy… even if you’re not a Riri fan.

1. Let’s pretend we are dating

rihanna memes

2. Here’s the truth

rihanna memes

3. Lesson learned

rihanna meme

4. Life philosophy rihanna memes

5.  Poor little birdyrihanna memes

6. How to deal with bullshit – the Rihanna way

rihanna memes

7. That’s why Rihanna’s net worth equals diamonds.

rihanna memes

8. What does Rihanna like to do?

rihanna memes

9. Any news on Rihanna? – No, she cut us out.

rihanna memes

10. Victory

rihanna funny meme

11. Chris Brown and Rihanna now

rihanna memes

12. B****, please!rihanna memes

13. Mommy said yes. rihanna memes

14. Biting my college tuition

rihanna memes


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