30 Tasty Breakfast Ideas From Around The World That Will Make You Hungry


Everyone has their own way of getting ready for the day ahead: but our DailyMoss team believes that even the busiest mornings should all begin with a hearty, tasty, (preferably healthy) breakfast.

What is your favorite breakfast recipe? Do you prefer to have your breakfast at home? In the office? In a cafe nearby? Do you ever wonder “What should I make for breakfast?”

Do you like your breakfast very early in the morning? Or are you more of a brunch person?

Quick breakfast/ healthy breakfast/ Nutritious breakfast/ Breakfast on the go – what’s you call?

They say the breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s true. Without it, you won’t last until 10 am!

In this roundup we have collected 30 different breakfasts from all over the globe. Some are healthy, some are just delicious, but most of them will definitely make you hungry just by looking at them!

1. Nasi Lemak of Malaysia

A famous Malaysian dish, it is fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf and often served with boiled egg, lamb or other ingredients.

IMAGE: Marco Ooi

2. Roti Prata With Eggs from Singapore

Is considered an Asian pancake that is cooked over a flat grill and served with vegetable or meat-based curry. This variant is mixed with eggs.

IMAGE: shakensunshine

3. Swedish Semla with Coffee for Breakfast

Semla of Swedish-Finnish origins is a wheat bun spiced with cardamom, with coffee this is a good “wake up” food that is also for people who prefer light food

IMAGE: jamesjyu

4. Shahan ful of Sudan, Africa

The National dish of Sudan and is also commonly seen in Eritrea, Ethiopia made by cooking fava beans in water and adding green onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and even cheese

IMAGE: World Heritage Encyclopedia

5. Havarti Breakfast Biscuits with Jalapeño, Bacon and Arugula from Denmark

Made from Havarti, type of semisoft Danish cow’s milk cheese with eggs and bacon slices, this is sure to satisfy the sweet tooth in you!

IMAGE: Jessica

6. Norwegian Smoked And Salted Pig Head

A traditional “Christmas” breakfast, this is a sweetened pig head that acts as Norway’s version of the Christmas ham

IMAGE: jungl

7. Chorizo Green Chile Breakfast Skillet from Mexico

A combination of Mexican Chorizo, Bell pepper, chopped chillies and cheese topped with avocado, this breakfast is bound to make your days brighter!


8. Zongzi from China

Zongzi is a traditional Chinese food made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves and is stuffed with different fillings. This dish is either steamed or boiled.

IMAGE: song zhen

9. Mohinga from Myanmar

bowl of rice noodles covered in a fish based soup and sprinkled with deep fried fritters

IMAGE: Charles Haynes

10. Banh Cuon Breakfast from Vietnam

A dish popular in Northern Vietnam, made of a thin sheet of Rice batter filled with ground pork, mushroom and shallots.

IMAGE: David McKelvey

11. Longganisa from the Philippines

Also spelled as Longanisa, this is often included in the “Filipino” breakfast despite being of Spanish origins (which is actually called Longaniza) and is made of cured pork.

IMAGE: louis r

12. Chee Cheong Fun from Singapore

Commonly known as “Rice noodle roll” this is a dish with Cantonese origins and means Pig intestines (Chee chong) and Noodles (Fun). Despite the meaning, it is actually made of rice noodles filled with pork, shrimp beef, vegetables and other ingreadients and does not include real pig intestines.

IMAGE: Steel Wool

13. Tapsilog of the Philippines

Stands for TAPA (cured beef), Sinangag (garlic fried rice) and Itlog (egg) and is probably the most famous Filipino breakfast as of this moment.

IMAGE: Shubert Ciencia

14. Roti Canai from Malaysia

Another type of flatbread, this one has strong Indian influence and is often sold in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

IMAGE: sstrieu

15. Spinach, Cheddar, Bacon and Egg Breakfast Tart – Anywhere

A breakfast recipe by Emily Clifton that takes morning food in a different route. Bread, eggs, spinach, cheese, bacon, all combined to make a hearty and fine meal.

IMAGE: Emily Clifton

16. Shakshuka with Polenta, Middle East Breakfast

A breakfast of Tunisian origin that is riddled with tomatoes, eggs, chili peppers, onions, and cumin.


17. Khao-Tom of Thailand

Khao Tom is a savory rice soup from Thailand. Ingredients can either be chicken, beef, or pork.

IMAGE: Yasuo Kida

18. Tahu & Tempe Goreng, Indonesia

A healthy breakfast that gives an extra boost to everyone. Tahu, or tofu, is sprinkled with rice with sweet soy sauce to give a sweet and salty taste.

IMAGE: Dapur Sunda

19. Champorado of the Philippines

A quick-fix breakfast from the Philippines. It is made of boiled rice wrapped in cocoa (chocolate). It can either be served warm or cold with milk.

IMAGE: Gravity84

20. Fir-Fir, Ethiopia

An Ethiopian breakfast that looks like potato chips, but is actually sliced pieces of bread that are fried in butter and some spices.

IMAGE: Mike Sula

21. Aalu Ki Bhujiya of Pakistan

A Pakistani vegetarian dish that makes use of potatoes and spices. It’s spicy and will make anyone wake up instantly.

IMAGE: Ayesha’s kitchen

22. Dal ka Paratha, India

A popular breakfast in India that is made from flour and a couple of spices. It’s an easy flatbread to prepare and could feed many people in one serving.

IMAGE: Sparshita Saxena

23. Curried Chicken from Jamaica

Chicken that is infused with ginger, fragrant curry, and coconut milk, which makes it a popular breakfast in Jamaica.

IMAGE: Landon Nordeman

24. Youtiao from Laos

Also known as the Chinese doughnut. Youtiao is a fried breadstick that is deep-fried, often eaten with rice congee or soy milk. It is also eaten in many South East Asian countries.


25. Kiribath and Chili Onion Sambol of Sri Lanka

A traditional Sri Lankan breakfast for the new year. It is made up of rice, lots of onion, coconut milk, and several seasonings.

IMAGE: yasmin

26. String Hoppers of Sri Lanka

A form of steamed noodles that are made from white roasted rice flour. It looks very much like spaghetti.

IMAGE: World Travel Family

27. Warm Lao Bread of Laos

Warm lao bread is completely made of rice. It’s a rice bread that is dipped in scrambled eggs, which then comes out looking like an omelet bread.


28. Ljian Bing You Tiao, Taiwan

A form of pancake that is rolled up with cruller inside. Great breakfast for people with sweet tooth.


29. Mas Huni of Maldives

An easy to prepare breakfast from the Maldives that uses tuna, chiles, onion, salt, and pepper all combined. Best served with bread.

IMAGE: Farideh Sadeghin

30. Waakeye of Ghana

A nutritious breakfast from Ghana which combines rice and beans and other spices and sauce. It can be eaten with other dishes too.

IMAGE: Y-oman

What’s your favorite breakfast combination? Don’t forget to share in the comments!