15 Autocorrect Fails That Even Your Moody Boss Could Laugh At


Is your iPhone or Android phone trying to outsmart you by correcting your messages?

Do you still consider it your best buddy that you bring everywhere or one that can stab a knife in your back?

Check some autocorrect fails and see for yourself that you are not alone: when technology takes the lead in communication, many people find themselves in such awkward and embarrassing, but still funny situations.


1. Two big men with fries, please.

2. Ready for the party?


3. Screw this auto cucumber.


4. How do you feel, baby?

5. In pursuit of a calling

6. Wait for me, while I am picking my herpes.

7. It’s so boring here.

8. Mom knows best.

9. I was busy with an orgy.

10. My pet was a cockattack.

11. Horny for a dog.

12. Masturbating, menstruating, meditating.

13. Cock and jizz

14. I love titty.

15.Lost my penis sharpener.




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