The 13 Weirdest And Rarest Items Ever Found On OLX India


Planning to buy a buffalo which gives you 20 litres of milk a day and also behaves like human? Well, there is only one place where you can find this. From cows, trained hens, to ridiculously cheap mobile phones, OLX is a classified website where you will get all those unbelievable items. Basically, you will get everything here. These are some of the strangest things I have come across on OLX India. Get ready to go WTF!

1. Remember that missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370? See, someone sold off the plane here with 227 passengers and 12 crew members. Trolled!

Malaysia Airlines


2. This air-conditioned underwear that will keep your manhood fresh, 24×7. And it costs only Rs 50!

OLX Jockey


3. This muscular c**k which has a good body language.

chicken olx india


4. And here is another one. Pure, shining black!

Desi olx india


5. This ‘brush and toothpaste combo pack’ which only genuine buyers can buy. It’s negotiable! 🙂

Combopack olx india


6. Nobody knows whether the seller was just trolling on OLX, but the ad was later pulled off from the website after it went viral on social networking sites.

worker olx india


7. Someone has stolen that Aamir Khan’s transistor from PK just after filming? That price though!

aamir khan radio olx india


8. This creepy ‘goat of Salman’ whose stamina is just outstanding.

Salman Goat olx india


9. Meet Dave and Dia. Yes, they are fully trained!

Train edduck olx india


10. And here is the cat only a few people like Mukesh Ambani and Bill Gates can buy! Can you count that price?



11. If you are into art-collection, OLX is the right place for you to get cheap and rare stuff like this currency note.

Currency olx india


12. This one when a fed-up husband tried to sell off his gossiping wife at throw away price.

wife olx india


13. And when this creative student put up his ‘vehicle’ for sale to support his further studies abroad. 🙂

olx train