12 Starbucks Name Fails That Are So Bad They’re Genius


How does it feel to get a cup of fresh Starbucks coffee?

What was your personal experience?

Was your name misspelled in a hilarious way or did you get irritated seeing that the barista has completely screwed it up?

Here’re a couple of pictures by Starbucks customers who were so amused by the barista fails in spelling their name that they decided to share that on social media.

1. Doesn’t make sense?

2. For real?

3. Why Starbucks? Why?

4. I appreciate the spin.

5. Nice to meet you, Tsach.

6. There’s my man – Rycharde.

7. When you think about it ..is there a devil in Neville?

8. Real quick interpretation of Molly

9. Sounds good to me.

10. It is beautiful…

11. Lacking originality?

12. Seriously?


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