10 Funny Abraham Lincoln Pictures With A Hilarious Modern Perspective on the US Recorded History


The 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln was described by his chronicler Edward J. Kempf  as “A long, lean, lanky, easy-going, smiling, awkward young stranger, wearing tight, home made pants shrunken far above his shoe tops, with a summer day into the straggling village of some 20 log cabins and 100 souls, on the bank of the Sangamon. He quickly made new friends.”

This is who he was back then. And this is how he is portrayed today in modern art and pictures.

Which Lincoln do you like the most?

1. “I’m on a bear!”

2. Back in the future

3. How you doin’?

4. We can rule this and all words. 

5. Lincoln from the block

6. Best advisors

7. The Show must go on.

8. World champion

9. Lincoln in control of the force

10. And the golf stick


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