24 Photos From India That Made Everyone Laugh


Your Facebook newsfeed or your Whatsapp group chat would have been boring and less entertaining if these photos were not taken and shared on the internet.

Now, thank the people who took these photos and made our digital life funny and awesome.

We dug into some of the most viral photos from India that won the internet and we picked the best ones. Here you go…


*These pictures were originally published inΒ  2014. But they are still hilarious.

24. Meanwhile in India, mangoes and grapes are same…

funny indian picture


23. This ATM security guard who really knows how to multi-task. Double earnings.

funny indian picture


22. 2014 was a year of selfie on Facebook and twitter, and I nominate this one as the best Indian selfie ever.

funny indian pictures


21. 2014 was indeed a hot year with many days hitting 45 degree celcius mark, and this is how some dudes beat the scorching heat.

funny indian pictures


20. Meet Maasi, India’s Messi who scored better than the Argentine footballer in internet during the 2014 FIFA World Cup which was held in Brazil.

Indian Messi funny indian pictures


19. We did enjoy all the IPL matches so did these hostel boys…

funny indian pictures


18. And let’s all wish ‘a happy married life’ to this new couple who WETTED in 2014.

funny indian photos


17. Caption please?

funny indian pictures


16. ‘Social networking sarees’ – One of the biggest fashion trends of 2014 among Indian aunties.

funny indian pictures


15. Queuing style: Thailand versus India

queue funny indian pictureswidth=


14. Internet memes started becoming popular in India this year with thousands of creative artists popping up everyday on Facebook. Here is one of the most viral memes of the year.


13. Remember that time when Roger Federer asked his Indian fans to photoshop him doing Indian things? Many creative photoshop artists made his virtual tour successful with awesome results.

roger federer


12. Thus, photoshop…but really good.

funny indian pictures


11. And yes, it was the best festive offer ever!

funny indian pictures


10. Now, meet the king who almost broke the internet in 2014. πŸ™‚

funny indian pictures


9. This is how those Diwali sweets are prepared. Yummy…LOL

funny indian pictures


8. And we all knew that our new Prime Minister is also good in facing cameras.

PM Modi


7. Female jugaad spotted!

Desi jugaad


6. This little girl who completely ruined the family wedding photo. Looks cute though!

funny indian wedding photo


5. Who says only guys can have fun? Just three badass Indian aunties having a fun ride…

three on bike


4. An Indian aunty helping her husband changing bike gears while driving. πŸ™‚

driving in india


3. Aamir Khan’s PK is not only the best Bollywood movie of 2014 but also the most hyped, and it made everyone curious before the movie hit theatres, especially this guy.

Aamir Khan funny


2. Indian classical dance. FIXED.

man under bus


1. ‘Education is important’

funny lady

All images sourced from imgur.