20 Medieval Reactions From Paintings – 100% True Story


It turns out we’ve been looking at paintings the wrong way. They are not meant to be adored and nodded at thoughtfully, they are meant to evoke a story from the viewer that only they could tell….nah, just fooling around. Of course it’s meme. They’re all memes.

This particular meme is called Medieval Reactions. Funny as hell!

1. If you’ve been at a bar before closing this is really close to reality LOL

2. They will landeth on thy face!

3. I bet that sauce tastes nice

4. Please just shut up while I’m still calm

5. I will admire that booty

6. You gotta pretend your’e fine

7. And sometimes keep everythign to yourself

8. Nobody touches my food!

9. No, no, I call the shots here fams

10. So indecorous

11. Everyone looks smashed, please turn off the lights

12. You sang it, didn’t you?

13. “Is that it?”

14. LMAO

15. Don’t tell me what to do!

16. That’s a bit embarassing

17. I guess I’ll just eat this then…

18. Everyone in the service industry experience this often, they just appear 2 minutes before closing

19. Not today, eagle. Bye

20. It’s lit, isn’t it? So lit.