21 Totally Real Reactions We Can All Relate To


If it exists, there’s a reaction for it. And quite possibly it’s also already in meme format like the ones you are about to see below. It hurts my feelings but I can relate to most of these. LOL


1. There is a reason why she is single after all…

2. Man, I just want to ride in silence

3. Giving them your best stare

4. Everything hurts doctor

5. At least you look gorgeous in and out

6. Because food is life

7. This is totally me…I should start going to the gym

8. And lie in bed doing nothing because I’m single and lonely please send help

9. Sometimes I just want the truth, bruh

10. Shoutout to everyone who relates so hard to this

11. Need to learn how to meditate to let things go

12. But we all know what’s going to happen 😉

13. Procrastination at its finest, this is all of us

14. When you write about a reaction meme about a reaction meme

15. Men should just agree and apologize, otherwise they’ll be stared down like this

16. I seen it, I seen Pizza Hut’s texts saying it misses you

17. Because why the hell not, right?

18. Oh my gosh, same reaction

19. My mother told me being polite can get you anywhere or anything

20. Thank you lord for saving me

21. When you are a small cute person but you want to look badass in front of people