21 Amusing Facebook Interactions That Will Make You Laugh


Do you have friends on your Facebook list that are always coming back with some funny comments?

The following hilarious Facebook interactions might remind you of them or might make you think twice before publishing any post on Facebook.

How would your funny friend react to such posts?

1. The free sub coupon for my girlfriend

2.  An aunt or an uncle

3. If your ex was on fire

4. My first love died

5. I’m gorgeous and he loves me

6. So watcha doin over there

7. That awkward moment when

8. Why are people hating on me so much

9. It’s all nature’s fault

10. Who wants to do some raping of kids presents

11. Irish relief efforts

12. I like the smell of rain

13. I now have free wifi

14. Real eyes

15. One and one still is one

16. The different angle

17. The 5-year relationship

18. Girls are like Rubix cubes

19.  How do you make a girl do anything

20. Don’t give up on love

21. Wait, Alaska is not an island?




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