21 Things Every Person Who Is Dead Inside Will Find Funny


There comes a point in your life when you’ve already had enough of everything. Responsibilities, relationships, school, work, and whatnot. These all kill us from inside and we just give up and go with the flow until we die. I don’t know, nothing matters. Nihilist memes. Bye.

1. It’s morbidly funny but it’s true LOL

2. Because everything will end someday, so why run?

3. Life is pain

4. And no one is there to help you

5. But you still have a positive attitude

6. And at the same time understand what living means

7. Exactly what he said

8. Someone just end it quick

9. And you want to exit the world real fast because 2017 is coming

10. There is no secret because happiness is an illusion

11. And everything beautiful is made in pain

12. Even this door understands

13. Even this famous singer knows (who is he lol)

14. That birthdays are just reminders that you’re coming closer to the end

15. Why? Because YOLO

16. Nothing lasts forever

17. Sometimes life is boring and this is just so you

18. And you make fun of things just to get through life

19. Because you need to keep smiling

20. I just found where you live

21. Everyone of us is dead on the inside lol