19 Good Dogs Who Will Cheer You Up When You Are Sad


Dogs are the best thing to ever happen in the world. Without dogs, we will never know what true loyalty is. Even without doing anything they are already funny, goofy, and most of all they can cheer anyone up instantly.

Having a bad day? Let’s try to cheer you up, then!

1. Is it a dog or a chicken or a chickendog


3. Dog that look like a sad man

4. No one controls the Doge

5. It is a pleasure to meet woof!

6. AaaaaaaaaaAAAAaaaaaaaa

7. If dog tries hard enough he will reach the chocobutter soon.

8. Sometimes they bully other dogs too

9. Who’s a good boy who waits for his luggage patiently?

10. Doggosaurus Rex

11. This cute pupper deserves every beautiful thing in the world.

12. The tables have turned

13. Some assembly required.

14. “Who’s a good boy? You are!” “OMG”

15. I’m gonna build a wall and Chihuahuas are going to pay for it.

16. This is exactly me each time I see a dog.

17. His name is Pruffesor Snuggles

18. That is all I wanted, comrade.

19. It’s a doggone world out there and we need to watch each other’s backs.