You Should Not Mess With These People At Any Cost


1. I don’t get it too but I find it funny because he doesn’t get it.

2. You do not mess with the guy who built Myspace.

3. Mom has no chill.

4. Many gay men have mastered the art of slaying with their words, so better not earn their wrath!

5. Oh damn, that means his grades are very low!

6. Hello 911, a Muslim just severely burned a white person.

7. It was a long con, but it was worth every minute of it.

8. Relationship status should be “hiding from people forever”

9. This person just got SCIENCED!

10. You can’t just cherrypick the things you want to believe in.

11. Ohhhhh damn Evan, give Andy a rest!

12. There goes his confidence, bud.

13. “Don’t animal companion the animals.”

14. Shann has had enough.

15. Did…did God just got told??

16. Washington Post telling it like it is.

17. Reading that physically hurt.

18. Mrs. Johanson with the best closing, everyone!

19. Ah, the surprise Adolf Hitler quote.