The 10 Unspoken Rules Of Hostel Life You Need To Follow


So, school is over, results declared, cut offs are out, admissions have begun and you are one of those leaving behind your home to lead a new life in a new place that is going to be your home away from home for the next few years: your hostel. It is only natural to be scared about it. But, here we give you a little insight into the unspoken rules of hostel that will help you sail through the hostel life with ease.

1. The very first time that you enter the hostel, acquaint yourself with the stated rules.

Of course, one needs to know all these to be able to ‘work around’ them.



2. The first introduction is a crucial time to form your first impression on your seniors.

The people who came up with the phrase ‘first impression is the last one’ must surely have come up with it living in a hostel! So, make sure your introduction is just right; not one that’ll make you look like a smart a#s nor one that makes you an easy ragging punch bag!



3. Respect, respect and respect… carry a load full of respect that you can present to every senior that you may cross, no matter how unwanted they are.



4. NEVER come in the limelight. You don’t want to be get noticed by your seniors because if by any chance you do, then you are screwed!



5. Don’t take more than 10 minutes in the washroom.

If you do, be ready to face the wrath of the ones waiting outside. Most common war tactics used may be banging the door till it gives away, putting water from over the door, and of course the incessant ongoing swearing of the mothers and sisters. And, if you think that it is only male sex indulging in such arts of war, clearly my dear, you are so wrong!



6. However, if you notice any person entering the bathroom stealthily (with equipment like phone, headphones), then let their ‘me time’ be in peace if yours is dear to you.



7. The clock strikes 12, all your friends shout out to you and pull you out to the corridor and the moment of realization sinks in when you actually start to curse the moment when you were born.

The sweet birthday cake and some gifts that your hostel mates have set up for you on your birthday only comes with a price that you pay when your body becomes a football that ANYBODY is welcome to play. Don’t run. Don’t hide. JUST GIVE IN.



8. You see the jingle ’jo mera hai woh tera hai’ comes to life in the hostel in its true essence.

You like that shirt or that dress? Don’t bother who it belongs to. Just wear it. And do not feel offended when someone else does the same to your things. Because, except for your underwear, every other thing jo tera hai woh sabka hai.



9. Bad exam, good exam, end exam, no exam, got hitched, had a breakup, Christmas, New Year, Diwali, Holi, anything and everything that calls for a ‘little’ celebration, calls for smuggling in bottles to open happiness .

The rule here is that do not break down when buzzed. Else you will experience a domino effect where everyone ends up using the shoulder next, to lament the death of happiness in the world.



10. Coming back from home, your parents will lovingly pack delicious food to eat in hostel. Make sure the things are enough not just for you but for the entire family that you have in your second home where you have come a long way from strangers to friends to family.