14 Hilarious Bollywoood Memes That Will Blow Your Mind

Fun India

The following Bollywood memes confront challenge the notion that we are  logical, rational beings and our assumptions about the modern day world. It is good that there are such memes that helps us understand that we have been deluding ourselves with false beliefs.

Some of these memes prove that we know nothing until Bollywood comes and enlightens us:  the Bollywood movies can help you get smart, generous, loving, compassionate.. dancer or killer. While others offer a viable hilarious alternative to how things should be and are here just for entertaining purposes.

1.Is that the lost and found office?

2. We knew nothing until …

3. Play it natural

4. Game over

5. Clear view to … that!?

6. Here come the dancers.

7. What are you waiting for?

8. Well, we call it destiny.

9. When you are sexy and you know it.

10. How do you lose a  lip in moustache?

11. Bollywood explained

12. From sister with love

13. Sweet revenge

14. Shuh… don’t mention it.



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