18 People (And One Pigeon) Who Were Immediately Punished By Karma


Karma: Derived from Sanskrit word ‘Karman’, means ‘actions’ or ‘deeds’. Origin – India; In Hindi – ‘karm’

Did someone lie to you or ill-treat you recently? Wait until karma comes back and teaches him/her a lesson. We thought that evil people always survive and are never punished for their evil deeds, but we were actually wrong. They of course pay for what they do at the end. Scientists, astrologers, and everyone of us keep arguing whether karma exists or not, but the fact is – yes, karma does exist. And here’s the prove…

1. This rapist who immediately regrets his villainous crime.


2. “What goes around, comes around.”


3. This kid who made an a$$ out of himself.


4. When Deepika Padukone used ‘women empowerment’ for publicity and to promote her film…




5. And a few months later, this happened. See, God doesn’t like fake people.



6. This wife who used plastic surgery to trick her man into marriage.


Image via Weibo


7. And this one when Arnab Goswami and his TimesNow tried to shame the Indian Cricket team.


Headline via ScoopWhoop


8. This girl who pretended to be a Grammar Nazi but failed. Yeah!


9. This evil kid who wanted his friend to die in pain.



10. This idiot who gets kicked by the horse.



11. This one when karma and physics come together to teach a drunk man a lesson.



12. Yes, karma will always come and knock you right at your face if you are stupid.



13. Anytime, ‘instant karma’ will bring you justice.



14. What’s wrong, human? This is why you don’t mess with dogs.



15. Ouch….


16. Bad boy gets what he actually deserves.



17. And this one too..


18. That poor tile though. 🙂


19. Karma is universal. And it applies in animal kingdom too.

Don’t laugh. You might be the next. 🙂


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