13 Awkward Wedding Pictures Where Divorce Guaranteed To Follow


Wedding photographers often feel privileged to be with the newlyweds on one of their happiest days. They try to capture and convey the true spirit of the wedding day, the natural emotions and spontaneous moments of joy throughout the feast.

But there are some wedding photos that don’t depict only the love of the couple but some downright weird moments as well.

1. Just in case she says ‘Yes’.

2. Longing for the love of her life

3. ‘Love hurts’ they say.

4. It is just me and you… and a couple of dozens of friends and relatives

5. Now we know what to expect from this marriage.

6. My dad’s face says it all.

7. Massive royal wedding happiness. You got it.

8. Can’t stop these tears of joy

9. They will be together in good and in bad…


10. Such a poetic and romantic day.

11. Things are off to an excellent start with those two.

12. And they lived happily ever after.

13. Here’s to the bride! Oh, wait… where’s the bride?





13. Cheers to the newlyweds!


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