10 Lego City Memes That Prove That Everything’s Gonna Play Out

Fun Memes

Lego Memes are a great way to communicate and share ideas and jokes and express our love for the Lego World. We dig up some of the funniest Lego City memes and looked for the ones that have recently become quite popular among the LEGO City community.

We realized that memes have become the the purest form of contemporary art and that Lego has inspired many meme creators.

Browse the fun collection of Lego city memes and fall in love with the Lego world again and again. Because Lego City is like nothing you’ve seen before, a fascinating world of creativity and inspiration.

  1. Haven’t seen Lego Batman Yet but this sounds legit.
  1. When a man falls into the river
  1. Passing the Lego aisle be like…
  1. Hey? Even Yoda knows about Lego City.
  1. You can’t hear images
  1. We love lego and we love a good pun so this is just perfect
  1. Lego City commercials
  1. Party on Wayne
  1. Corona in Lego City
  1. The next set costs money

Do you have a favorite Lego City set or a favorite Lego City meme?


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