17 Hilarious Just Shower Thoughts That Will Give You A Good Laugh


This article is the perfect time-waster. It contains ideas, thoughts and philosophical questions that are too profound and strange not to be shared.

We recommend that all our readers should immerse on regular basis in such funny shower thought.

1.”Your phone number is guaranteed to be somewhere in pi. “

– via Reddit, Sphven3051

2. “Talking about sex in normal conversation with family, coworkers etc is usually considered taboo, yet talking about ‘trying for kids’ is so normal, your grandma will likely bring it up first.”

– huskerfan523

3. “When you burp a baby, you are literally deflating a human being.”

– Samuraisloths

4. “Smart home technology is the death of the secret teenage house party.”

– BrooklynHipster

5. “A hundred years from now they should open up a meme museum for all of the memes of our time and give the context to why they’re funny.”

– abcde123edcba

6. “Walking is just controllably catching yourself from falling continuously.”

– KhronicPlatypus

7. “If Santa always knows when you’re naughty or nice, then he should have known Rudolph was being bullied.”

– Good4Josh2

8. “Adam and Eve didn’t have belly buttons.”

– taekwonjoe2001

9. “Commercials showing the amazing picture quality of a TV are useless, because if the commercial looks good, that proves that your current TV is already good enough.”

– Thefixedbroken

10. “Before cameras, no one knew exactly what they looked like with their eyes closed.”

– jarrettal

11. “In language, parentheses hold text that may be ignored, whereas in Math they give priority over the rest of the expression.”

– andresbsa

12. “Children should be given the option to meet Mrs. Claus. A lot of kids would react better to a grandma type figure.”

– albo_underhill

13. “Whoever said ” You can’t buy friends”, has probably never been to a pet store.”

– bladingbeckie

14. “All photos of animals have been taken without their consent.”

– kneesbleed

15. “When your GPA is low, it’s an indicator that you may not be cut out for the job you want. But when it’s high, it doesn’t matter in the real world.”


16. “Rubbing alcohol is for wounds on the outside, but drinking alcohol is for wounds on the inside.”

– Suicid4l

17. “It’s socially acceptable to cough and sneeze, but not to fart despite the fact that coughing and sneezing can spread infection, but farting cannot.”

– Gordon-Ramsay-Snow



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