Cost-Effective Dental Marketing 2024: Autocomplete Optimization In Santa Monica

Apr 24, 2024

Forget SEO and ads, get your dental brand listed first, the easy way. My Tooth Media can get you listed in the Autocomplete, before a searcher even hits Enter – for any keywords or phrases you can imagine. It’s easy.

Have you ever been doing an online search, and as you type the first word or two - the thing you want to search for pops up in the Autocomplete box, underneath?

Well, here's the short version of today's topic - if you want your dental practice listed in the Autocomplete, My Tooth Media can get you there. You can jump right to it, by visiting or you can stick around to learn a bit more about how it works.

Search Engine Optimization, Done Differently.

I don't want to cause any confusion here, so let's be clear, this isn't SEO or Search Engine Optimization as we know it - though it certainly optimizes it for your business.

The traditional way is a big mess of keywords, and a lot of effort goes into trying to fit them all in, without making a big bowl of word soup. The new way is... well.. a lot simpler.

It's also got a huge advantage over practically every other type of marketing, because it's both incredibly targeted, and offers the first impression, every time. Your potential customers will see it before search engine ads, or even search engine results.

Getting Your Foot In The Door, First.

Here's what you need to know about how it works, and why.

It all starts with you picking a key phrase to target. Usually it's something like, "your location, top dentist for cavities" or "your location, same day denture specialist."

You can pick any phrase you want, as long as it's not already used - because once you lock it in, it's yours. My Tooth Media won't go behind your back and optimize it for someone else, so make sure it's a good one.

When someone starts typing that phrase into a search engine like Google, Bing, or YouTube, your entire key phrase will pop up first in the Autocomplete, before they even hit the "Search" button. That encourages people to click on it, and get taken right to your website, for the best same-day denture specialist in Santa Monica.

Your Practice, Your Choice.

What keywords can you choose from?

That's the best part, you can have absolutely anything you want, as long as someone else hasn't already taken it. My Tooth Media can even help you come up with ideas, just ask one of their specialists.

This new marketing technique offers several major benefits over traditional Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and SEO techniques - aside from offering the earliest possible intervention during an online search.

For a standard monthly fee, My Tooth Media reduces the risk of unexpectedly expensive PPC ads, which may or may not show results, and offers advanced search engine techniques without using SEO content. It's like the best of both options, but on fast forward, so it also reaches your potential customers sooner than it was even possible to before.

If you're a dental professional, but you're not having much luck with the search engines - then try this advice. Let the experts do, what the experts do best.

My Tooth Media can get you listed first, for any key phrases you choose, and get more people to notice your business online.

That way you can focus on fixing their teeth instead of on advertising, and everyone can walk away smiling.

It's just easier with a dentist-optimized service. Check out My Tooth Media at

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