11 Funny Truth Or Dare Stories That You Can’t Believe Happened


Do you have besties with whom you can share everything? Or are  you an introvert who keeps the good and bad stories for himself/herself.

Are you among the those shy people who are not very open when it comes to discussing the most embarrassing chat that you had at school with your crush? Who of your friends or colleagues knows that last weekend  you were kicked out of a bar for singing too loud and dancing widely in the bathroom?

You are not alone in holding these mini “secrets” for yourself. Perhaps you too have had been dared to share them in the  game Truth or Dare or in an honest conversation with a friend. How did it feel afterword?

Here are some other funny and some scary truth or dare stories that actually happened.


         1. The “lucky you” tattoo

truth dare stories funny9

2. Baby food obsession

truth dare stories funny88

3. The chicken crayons

truth dare stories funny56

4. The balcony WC

vtruth dare stories funny8

5. Long-lasting kiss

truth dare stories funny 2

6. Nude in the woods

truth dare stories funny 6

7. Mask & shoes

8. The never-ending prom

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9. The YouTube adventure

truth dare stories funny 1

10. Eating worms

truth dare stories funny

11. The dust-filled doorstep

truth dare stories funny8



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