25 Surprised Animals That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


Some animals are cute when they are asleep, others are cute when they are awake… still others when pleading for food, playing with their favorite toy, when running, when cleaning their own fur…

But do you know what’s even cuter and what will make you laugh? Unlike humans, animals are easy to amuse and easy to startle. They always look amazingly cute and funny.

They can get surprised by the little things in life… when startled, they jump around, while we laugh out loud!

If you like funny surprised faces then the gif gallery below is a total package for you.

1. Autobots transform

2. Let’s just sneak up on~holy frick!

3. What’s this?

4. HAHAHA Bad toaster!

5. I hope he didn’t hurt himself with that LOL

6. Surprise shower, motherkitten!

7. Surprise ninja attack!

8. That must have hurt

9. Same reaction tbh

10. They really just run wherever they could

11. One gets surprised and everyone follows

12. Now this is very cute

13. He got surprisedception

14. Motherp anda surprised by sneezing baby LOL

15. Poor red panda haha

16. No one expects the banana

17. Poor bunny 🙁

18. These cats are overreacting LOL


20. This is how you traumatize a cat

21. Instant karma

22. He reacted so fast he didn’t even get wet

23. Me when I touch my friend’s shoulder

24. Another bad toaster

25. HAHA! He disappeared