8 Ridiculous Inventions You Didn’t Even Know Exist

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The curious nature of human being has always given way to the more new inventions and discoveries for ages that have truly brought changes in the world. There are so many inventions that have changed the meaning of life for mankind, but there are also some inventions that are considered to be the craziest ones in the world. These inventions perhaps did not catch the limelight but they can obviously tickle your senses appalling you to think about some of the prodigally creative but craziest ideas of the inventors.

1.This fire–escape suit

It was even patented to mark its worth. There is a helmet with a parachute and paddles that help the person to land safely. The suit is made to jump out of the building in case of fire just to play another chance of death by breaking the neck instead of getting barbecued.

fire escape suit


2. The motorized ice-cream cone – Invented just only for lazy people!

The inventor was perhaps an ice-cream psychic to such an extent that he had to invent this motorized ice-cream cone that rotates on the tongue. So, it was really a tongue twisting invention that was made to give ultimate relief to the tongue.

motorized icecream


3. This hair brush for proud baldies

All the proud baldies out there, this is definitely a must-have for you. This brush can simultaneously shine the scalp and brush the hairy sides.

hair brush for b0ld


4. The psycho killer

A revolver with a camera that shot the expressions of the aimed target was another way of excitement for the shooter apart from shooting and killing.

revolve camera


5. Why only drive and ride a two-wheeler? Get on to this one-wheeler motorcycle.

Remember those scars and scratches you got while learning to ride a two-wheeler, but have you ever heard of a one-wheeler motorcycle? It could save you a lot of money on tyres.

one wheel motorcycle


6. Do you love your dog doing a somersault? That’s easy. Now, watch out for an elephant doing a somersault.

An inventor named Wulff had invented a device to throw big animals like Elephants into the air to do a somersault. The only problem was the weight of the Elephant that could break the device while landing.

somer sault


7. Your breath stinks! That’s an intolerable insult when someone says to you that. So, how about sniffing your own breath?

This was perhaps a good show for toothpaste Ad where the tooth paste companies can still offer it free with their products.

Sniffing own breath


8. Now, you know how Japanese can work so hard for long days away from their spouse. The lonely pillows for both men and women must be their secret behind this.

japan lonely pillow

There are many other crazy inventions that never became so popular, just few of them are here to tickle the crazy inventor in you.