19 Funny T-Shirts Only A Few Indians Had The Guts To Wear

Fun India

You, me, everyone would always think twice before buying these tees which have funny, witty, and offensive phrases printed on them.

Would not you? But, there are some fun loving and brave people who proudly wear these hilarious t-shirts like bosses with “I don’t give a damn” attitude. And hats off to the designers who came up with these honest and creative lines that make us laugh.

1. This wife who really loves her husband.

Funny T-Shirts humorshirt


2. This guy who has IQ above 160 and puts Einstein to shame.

Funny T-Shirts geniusshirt


3. This is terrifying! Hope this guy wasn’t caught by the police.

Funny T-Shirts 9by11shirt


4. This sexy man who will never get arrested!



5. Yes, but both of them are screwed too! Vivek Oberoi compared himself to Heath Ledger’s ‘The Joker’ and Mallika Sherawat romanced with a snake in a ridiculous movie called ‘Hisss’.



6. Curious to know what’s written on this kid’s shirt? Even I am. “GRAB MY ….?”


7. This guy who had a tough time during Congress-led government. It looks like he really wanted to curse Sonia Gandhi’s family to death:)

Funny T-Shirts shirt


8. Bro, that’s too rude!

Funny T-Shirts hilarioustshirt


9. This guy who thinks he is the most attractive bachelor ever. Girls, do you hear this? What a shame…

Funny T-Shirts bachelorshirt


10. This boy who was sent to earth by God.

Funny T-Shirts hilarious shirt


11. And then the designer of this T-shirt was mentally tortured by his girlfriend?

Funny T-Shirts shirtaboutgirlsaying


12. OMG! Aren’t those skeletons mating? Only Virat Kohli knows.

Funny T-Shirts ViratKohli


13. This tough guy who puts a strict warning on you.

Funny T-Shirts tee


14. This blonde! LOL…

Funny T-Shirts perfectshirt


15. This person who has had enough in his life and he has a message for you.

Funny T-Shirts offesnsiveshirt


16. Superman + Batman = Super-Batman

Funny T-Shirts Superbatman


17. Wear this on your date and see how your girl reacts!



18. This guy standing next to a stupid man is really funny. Bold enough!

Funny T-Shirts stupidguy


19. And this confident guy who only dates models. Confidence level = above 9999

Funny T-Shirts Mostconfidentguy