23 Football Memes That Are Way More Fun Than Watching A Game


A football game can bring many great memes that will certainly be enjoyed by fans.

We’ve collected some of the most popular football memes from recent years, which clearly depict the many reasons we should adore the game.

Have a look at our favorite ones and let us know which memes made you laugh the most.

  1. The game can be romantic.

2. It is still so fun and enjoyable, as it used to be in our childhood. 

3. It often involves making some good judgments.

4.There is nothing better than it… or wait…

5. It is always insanely competitive.

6. And quite exhausting

7. It creates many unforgettable moments. 

8. The players show a variety of skills
9. Some have talents you cannot even believe
10.  Two teams, a stadium, a couple of referees, and OMG a ball…

11. Some players find it difficult to keep their private life away from the cameras.

12. Football can be tasty.

13. The players learn some awesome steps and moves. 

14. They know what the different colors mean. 

15. Football players know how to dress well.  

16. How to treat team members and competitors

17. They can teach us how to play Tetris.

18. Or how to fly

19. OMG, this ball again?

20. The game requires excellent skills from the players. 21. And to learn and apply some simple rules

22. But sometimes they breach them 

23. It’s great when it ends well. 


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