10 Amusing Troll Jokes That Will Take Your Skills To The Level Of A Stand-Up Comedian


I’ve never met a joke so bad I didn’t like it. Then again, I’ve never met a joke.

Troll jokes are a great way to have harmless fun and get light-hearted.

They can become top-class entertainment for kids and entertainment.

For trolls, that moment when the pulled up prank achieves the desired response is
always a satisfying one. The persons pranked feel stupid as they suddenly realize that it was a well thought-out and deliberately planned act by the one who played
the prank.

Here are 10 great troll jokes that would catch your attention and make you laugh.

#1: When a boy badly needs a bicycle and doesn’t know how to ask the dad directly.

troll jokes


Why are elephants big and gray? Because if they were small and purple, they’d be grape.


#2: When someone stylishly tells you they don’t ever intend to hurt you but it can still happen any way.

troll jokes

#3: Making fun of an archeologist.

troll jokes


What’s the worst part about time traveling? You know the punchline before you hear the joke.

#4: When moms pretend to be enjoying the never-ending stories of their kids

troll jokes

#5: A dad is sick and tired of telling his son what ass he has become and finds the best way to express it. Then, the son thinks his dad is still acting like a Boy.

troll jokes


I knew she was the one since the moment she said those three little words that took my breath away: “THAT’S GONNA SMELL!”

#6:  When a woman feels abandoned in the kitchen and wants men get a feel of what she goes through in the kitchen… 

troll jokes

#7: Stylishly justifying laziness.

troll jokes


Some people have 32 teeth, while others have 12. It’s simple meth.

#8: The look on a man’s face when his wife is the one behind the wheel…

troll jokes

#9: When a girl cuts her hair and regrets it because she can’t wear a ponytail anymore

troll jokes


How do you know if a man’s going to say something smart? He starts the sentences with “My wife told me…”

#10: Lack of discipline when trying to lose weight

troll jokes


Which is the most hilarious troll joke that can make anyone laugh?



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