Top 10 Creepy Facts About Dreams & Nightmares That Are Extremely Disturbing


Some people say they do not have or can’t have dreams… but that is not true. They are probably in the habit of forgetting their dreams, so they deduct from their conscious experience that they do not dream.

Nightmares and dreams can be a therapeutic experience for many people. The brain is actively engaged in the process of dreaming, and this creative energy is released during sleep. Nightmares, on the other hand, are often an indication of something that is troubling someone. They can also be caused by a sleeping disorder or another medical condition.

creepy facts about nightmares

Everyone dreams, whether at night or at noon when they take a siesta. Sometimes these dreams are good, other times they evoke sadness, and some dreams are
bizarre and frightening, especially nightmares.

Here are 10 facts and some creepy ones  that you probably didn’t know about dreams and nightmares:


creepy facts about nightmares

Dreams are a normal part of the sleeping process and as we know humans spend one-third of their lives sleeping.

Have you ever had a nightmare and not been sure if it was just a dream? Maybe you remember it vividly, with all the details. And yet, there’s something wrong about it. It felt so real, but there are parts of it that you can’t explain. That’s because your nightmares aren’t always as they seem. In some cases, they can be more like flashbacks to traumatic events from your past or fears from your subconscious mind.

And in other cases, they’re simply a product of your imagination. Nightmares often happen during REM sleep and may be caused by tense muscles in the body or an irregular sleeping schedule that disrupts sleep cycles. Dreams, on the other hand, happen during a deep sleep called slow wave sleep and are usually triggered by random electrical signals from neurons firing in the brain which is why we sometimes have no idea what causes them either! But whatever they are – nightmares or dreams – both can be terrifying for some people and not so bad for others.




The most vivid dreams take place within the REM – Rapid Eye Movement sleep. REM takes place in brief episodes all through the night – between 90 and 120 minutes apart.


creepy facts about nightmares
A human’s brain is usually wide awake while dreaming. An individual is often in the last third of his or her sleep cycle during a nightmare, which is the time
when REM is in its strongest phase. This is why you are unable to scream or you suddenly feel paralyzed even when the rest of your senses are vivid while having a
night mare.


Longer dreams take place in the morning. From today, you can try and observe this fact. You would discover that your dream is longer during the morning hours.


creepy facts about nightmares

Dreams can be great channels of knowing what is about to happen. Do you recall when something happens in real life and you suddenly scream, “I dreamt about this occurrence last week!” Sometimes, it may not happen exactly the way you dreamt it, but there will be undeniable evidences here and there that the occurrence is in line with a certain dream you had.


Dreams that are recurring have the following themes;
– Being chased by something or someone
– Confrontations with monsters and animals – especially kids
–  Physical aggressions
– Falling
– Flying in the air
– Fighting with some persons or creatures


creepy facts about nightmares

Often, the activities of the day influence our dreams. Majority of our dreams or nightmares are often linked to events or thoughts during the day or previous
days. For instance, a child who is being chased by a dog may end up having a nightmare of being chased by a dog or other animals.


Strange dreams could be normal. Do you know why? When you are dreaming, the part of your brain that makes sense of things around you shuts down.


creepy facts about nightmares

Often, the faces you see in your dreams are familiar. According to a Stanford University study on dreams, “People are likely to dream about only faces they’ve seen before, either in person or on the television.”


With time, a person can start having less nightmares and sad dreams when stress becomes less. So, it means one thing – low stress equals more happy dreams.

What were your last dreams? Do you have nightmares?