20 Heartwarming Photos Of Babies Who Are Best Friends With Their Dogs


Friendships like these between children and dogs should be celebrated every day and should not be taken for granted. This is our little contribution – a mini reminder of what really matters in life.

1.Sleep tight & sweet dreams

2. Can I steal a kiss? 

3. Fields of happiness

4. Silence is not awkward with you 

5. Let me take care of you

6. Childhood is like a bubble – it should never pop

7. Aren’t you gonna share with me?

8. Hey, big boy, it’s cuddling time!

9. What do we have here?

10. Cause kisses are never too many

11. Never

12. Shush, the babies are sleeping

13. Sweet chaos

14. Hands up, hands down

15. Road trip

16. Let’s check this neighborhood, shall we?

18. Just smile, play it cool.

19. Hold my hand

20. Wait, how many teeth do you have?



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