19 Best Or Worst Inventions Ever Made – You Pick


In this post we decide if these creations are the best or worst of their kind. Some are downright failures while some are extremely useful, but the others? Well we should probably put them up for a vote because I can’t be sure too. LOL

1. I used to play this game with my friends, but the person standing faces the other way LOL

2. Now that’s impressive

3. But nothing can top this physics-defying invention

4. However, this one simply is the worst of its kind

5. My cat will simply ignore this, my dog will probably eat it

6. I don’t think I’ll want a chainsaw in my pocket

7. Of course, it’s FDA approved

8. Do you want to get mauled by lions? This is how you get mauled by lions.

9. Potato chips and chocolate? I’m not sure


10. But how will it fit? HAHA

11. That’s a crafty device you have there

12. For morbid people it’s a good idea, not so much for children

14. Uh oh….

15. At least they are still both smiling

16. Bacon and chocolate? Two of my favorite things!

17. It’s a good idea unless your GF is a bookworm

18. It looks bad but it definitely is useful!

19. Great idea for conservatives out there lol